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The Reconnected is a  free  app, available to our entire community of parents.

You’re here because you’re seeking a more modern, more intuitive, more value-aligned approach to parenting. One that goes beyond “conscious parenting” and isn’t based in more theory or talking, but in experiential, practical strategies and integrated practice.

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"Joining the Reconnected Parenting course has been nothing less than life-changing for me! I felt fully seen for the first time... no shame or blame, just so much acceptance and acknowledgment."


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Full list of features:

📱  A new hub for all things The Reconnected. Our easy-to-use App unites all our parenting resources in one central location.

👩‍❤️‍👩  An inclusive, safe, like-minded community of parents who are interested in connected, mindful parenting.

💌  1:1 support from our dedicated team of Community Coaches and Peer mentors, when you join our live coaching rounds and course community forums!

🎟 Subscribe to products and courses by The Reconnected, and complete them easily on-the-go.

🗓 Regular events to explore and participate in, to guide your Reconnected Parenting journey.

👥 Groups organised specifically for those on different parenting parents walking similar paths.

🙌  Practical tools and advice for navigating daily parenting situations, to help you feel confident in your choices as a parent.

📚 A library of parenting resources including books, podcasts, and more.

🎧 In-app access to Resonate, our monthly parenting podcast.

Hear from Our Members

"Connected play is amazing and really helped my son emotionally. It helped me realise my triggers and how to not be triggered by them. It helps me when I get overwhelmed."


"This course fostered an ease in connecting with my children, and this ease filtered into every aspect of life. I was always daunted by the prospect of playing with my children, not having grown up in a home where adults ever let their guard down, but this course taught me, step by step, how to be playful, and why we should be."


"I can tell that my kids feel much more 'seen' and 'heard'. I am continually tuning into my breath and bodily sensations throughout the day and using the breath practices to support me."


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